Researchers found out that the brain of a human has high plasticity, which can be structured through lifestyle and diet choices. Unfortunately, I have been persuaded by the sugar and processed foods industries into thinking that it is completely practical for sugar to be included in my regular healthy diet. If I eat ice cream or a fruit, there will be no threat for me, but the majority of people are overeating.

An average person in the United States of America eats more or less 150 grams of sugar on a daily basis. Another figure suggests that almost 50 percent…

Focus is essential to finish school, home, or work tasks on time. Some people find it hard to focus in a noisy environment. Studying or working in a noisy environment may reduce the productivity of an individual. Are you one of those who find it hard to focus in a noisy setting? If yes, this article will help you. I will reveal to you the tips to improve your focus despite a loud surrounding.

With that, you can enhance your concentration and productivity with your essential tasks.

Focusing in a noisy environment is possible. You can invest in noise-canceling headphones…

I’m into it again. I could not find where I put my car keys. I could not see my eyeglasses which are the essential part of me to see everything. I have been struggling to look and search for the thing which I forgot where I put. Before, I can memorize my mobile phone number and even the phone numbers of my family. I begin to wonder if my memory is okay. How can I test my memory? Read on to know more.

I begin to search the browser to look for a memory test. And yes, I found many…

When the coronavirus crept in and paralyzed the world wherein it made people be physically restrained with their movements and have limited interpersonal interactions. This Pandemic did not only affect the physical condition of the populace but along with it is the stricter social movement that may also lead to a clinical condition being oftentimes referred to as “depression.”

Let me make it clear that depression is not a sort of psychosis. The state of depression is that the person has a skewed perception of reality as something that is negative. The level of depression has varying degrees from mild…

There are times in my life I find it hard to keep on track of things I do. Most of the time, I lose my concentration, easily distracted, and can’t even focus at all, even in serious times. Well, I guess it’s not just me who has undergone this situation. It is not just me who just ended up doing the work without knowing if it is right or wrong. Yet, I had done ways to resolve this problem. And upon all the measures I had done, what had helped me focus even a bit?

Keeping on track is challenging…

I lead a hectic life, and I routinely need to devote my attention to many diverse tasks simultaneously, which loses my focus and concentration. Meditation is a solution to this scatteredness: if you practice, if you train your mind to become aware of one thing at a time. This leads to the capability of increasing your focus and concentration.

Can meditation help improve my focus? Yes! Meditation has the power to improve your focus, help you concentrate, and you can use this as a way to boost procrastination- when, of course, practiced consistently.

It may be hard to believe that…

Your IQ can determine how smart you are. Are you curious whether your IQ change over time? Does it increase as your age? In this article, I will reveal to you the answer. As you read this article up to the end, you can discover what happens to your IQ as you get older.

If you want to know whether your IQ change as you get older, well, the answer is no. Your IQ is fixed. However, multiple intelligence may change with growth and personal life experiences. Meanwhile, the standard IQ score is considered unchangeable and inherent.

Do you want…

Having a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) can be considered a gift since not all people can have this extraordinary talent. However, it does not mean that you are already ahead of others if you have a High-IQ. Many realizations come along as High-IQ people face reality. Understanding oneself will help a lot in dealing with different situations.

Indeed, it is really challenging to have a high IQ. These challenges can sometimes provide an advantage or disadvantage. You must deal with it properly in order to balance everything. There is a mix of emotions in having a high IQ.

For some…

There are a lot of researches that have shown that playing the game of Tetris really increases your cortex’s thickness and the brain’s efficiency as well. Hence, if you are constantly playing Tetris, then you will be smarter. This game surely needs a lot of combinations of cognitive skills. In various researches done on different players of Tetris, it has been proven that people who play the game had boosted their brain efficiency.

Sometimes I play Tetris myself when I have some time to kill. …

Before, acting dumb was cool. Things have changed today. Being smart is the new sexy. High IQ is a sought-after and highly valued quality a person can ever have.

From acquiring an in-depth insight into the world to showcasing talents in pub quizzes, there are multiple advantages of being mentally advanced.

But having a high IQ can have some downsides as well.

In this article, we will dig into the advantages and disadvantages of having a high IQ. Keep reading for more information!

Advantages of Being a Genius

Ernest Panfiloff

Lifelong learner.

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